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LDA Performance courses for the Sydney Latin Festival



SLF Performance Courses Timetable - Download pdf here

What is the Sydney Latin Festival?

Sydney Latin Festival (SLF) 
Australian biggest and most prestigious Latin Dance event that annually brings over 5000 people from worldwide and Australia for a weekend of workshops, shows and parties with top international Latin performers, simply unmissable. 

Attention: The SLF is not an LDA event, so for any information regarding the actual event (workshops, passes, parties and shows) please click on the link above or call them on: 1300 132 152. 

When and where is the SLF?

LDA Performance Courses start beginning of May 2018 and the event (SLF) happens from Friday 29th June to Sunday 1st of July 2018.

Courses are held at Latin Dance Australia
The event location:  Ryverside Theatre (Shows) and Novotel Parramatta (Workshops and Accommodation)

Why should you be part of this event?

1)  Fast track and Improve your dancing skill.

The Performer Program class requires teamwork, dedication, patience and effort from all involved. During the classes, the students will receive intense group and personal attention from the instructors to ensure that they focus on specific areas requiring improvement. Important skills will be taught in a more detailed fashion. These includes:

Posture - Stage Projection – Expression – Balance – Sharpness - Memorization & Lines

This is a great chance for you to improve your dance style and technique dramatically, whilst also learning essential performance skills, designed to make you stand out whether on the stage or on the dance floor.

2)  Have the opportunity to perform to your friends, family and in other future events as: LDA Parties, Latin Clubs, plus numerous other opportunities.

3)  Make new friends and socialize not only on the dancefloor but also in all the fun out of the studio.

How to be part of this event?

A student may choose to perform in as much choreographies as they wish in accordance to their level and availability. All you have to do is to make the difficult choice of selecting the choreography(ies) you would like to be part of from the timetable below.
Styles: Salsa, Samba, Bachata, Reggaeton, Cha Cha and others

Each of the 'Performance classes' will run as 9 to 15 hours courses. Should the Performer Program take more than the stated classes to master, a fee per class will apply thereafter for subsequent classes.

How to enrol?

1) Choose which choreography(ies) you would like to be part of: (Note: some choreographies will be the same as performed at the SIBF- Sydney International Bachata Festival 2018 with few improvements and changes. However, new comers are welcome to join most of those choreographies as well)

Timetable - Download pdf here


3) Check PRICING for choreographies

4) Book Online or over the phone: 9552 3352 (have your master/visa details in hand for bookings)


1. What does it mean a Repeat SIBF choreography?
Many of the choreographies we offer for the Sydney Latin Festival are improved versions of the choreographies performed at the SIBF 2018.  
Usually there are slight changes on the choreography and costumes.
If you would like to join the team, don't worry, instructors will re-teach the whole choreography from scratch but you will need to rehearse by yourself or with friends out of courses hours so you catch up with students that already performed it once. Privates with instructors are also a good option.

2. What are the costs involved?
Check our pricing table but in summary you will pay:
- Performance Courses Fees (from $200 to $360 per choreography)
- Costumes (around $100-$120/costume + accessories)
- Shoes 
- Sydney Latin Festival pass (from $220 to $320 including workshops, shows, parties and online videos access) - this will be purchased through LDA (note: SLF is not a LDA company so for further information please contact them directly)

3. I'm interested in joining an invite only choreography....How can I do it?
Please contact the instructors directly or email us on and we will forward your enquiry.

4. I missed the first weeks of the course, can I still join?
It will depend of how much of the choreography was taught. You can contact the instructors directly or email us on and we will forward your enquiry.

Note: If you need any information about the actual event please contact the Sydney Latin Festival organisers: - Ph: 1300 132 152