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Sunny Wo


Sunny attended his first Brazilian Zouk class in 2012. What began as a small curiosity quickly turned into an obsession. Such was his dedication and passion for Brazilian Zouk, after a year of intensive training he took the next step on his journey as a trainee Instructor in 2013.

Over the next year he undertook training from internationally renowned Brazilian Zouk Instructors, to refine his technique and to discover his own style of dancing and teaching. His journey included mentors in Brazilian Zouk pioneers Renata Peçanha and Jorge Peres, as well as extensive instructor training with Lidio Freitas and Monique Marculano. He has been teaching regular classes in Sydney since 2014. To this day, his passion for teaching is only rivalled by his passion for learning. He is currently undertaking training in other dance styles; Argentinean Tango and Classical Ballet.

Sunny joined LDA as a Zouk instructor in 2016. In his classes, his vision is to inspire the next generation of Zouk fanatics - in technique, to share his understanding of the why behind the how - in ethos that a great social dancer is one that can make everyone look and feel great.       

His passion is social dancing, and regularly DJ’s for the Sydney Zouk community in various socials and parties. When asked to sum up his feelings for Zouk: “Zouk asks for a little patience and a little fortitude, but in return it will give you freedom and flight with both feet on the floor”.


Sydney's Best Social Dancer (Brazilian Zouk - Pro Division) - 1st place 2017
Sydney’s Best Social Dancer (Brazilian Zouk – Pro Division) – 1st place 2016
Sydney’s Best Social Dancer (Brazilian Zouk – Pro Division) – 1st place 2015