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Marianne Dawson


Marianne attended her first salsa class in 2007 and what started as a bit of fun with friends, soon became an obsession. She joined LDA in 2008 where she began learning Salsa and Bachata. Her first performance at the 2009 LDA ball saw her nominated for 3 awards, winning the Advance Salsa on 1 Female and taking home LDA’s Best Overall Student of the Year. 

She continued her dance journey by learning new styles such as Zouk, Samba and Gafiera but in 2010, an injury to her knee brought everything to halt. 
Determined to not give up her new passion, Marianne undertook weekly physiotherapy and pilates to be able to dance again and within eight months she was dancing again as part of the Modus Vivendi Project team. From there she became part of the MV Pro/Am Team and finally, a member of the Modus Vivendi professional team. 

She has competed since 2009, After winning the Australian Bachata team title, she continued to compete in the couples division for the next few years, winning numerous NSW and Australian titles with her dance partners Chris Magill, Pat Tito and Christian Castillo.

In 2012 she competed at the World Latin Dance Cup in Miami winning the category of Ladies Shines with Modus Vivendi Ladies Team. She returned the following year competing in the Bachata teams divisions with Modus Vivendi and winning the division, and again in 2014, placing 3rd in the Ladies Shines and 5th in Team Salsa Non-Cabaret.

She still maintains however, that her greatest achievement to date is winning Sydney’s Best Bachata Social Dancer with Felino Millare in 2013. ‘Being able to get on the social dance floor and follow someone’s lead, connect with them and have fun- that is what dancing is all about. I’ve always maintained that the day dancing stops being fun, I would quit, but I am still here!’

World Latin Dance Cup – 3rd place 2014 (Ladies Shines)
Australia Salsa Solo Championship – Pro Salsa Solo Team Champions 2014
Australian Salsa Open – Latin Teams Champion 2014
World Latin Dance Cup Champion 2013 (Bachata Teams)
Australian Bachata Competition - Teams Champions 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013
Australian Salsa Open – Open Salsa Team Champions 2013
Australian Salsa Open – Open Latin Team Champions 2013
Australian Salsa Open - Semi-Pro Salsa Champions 2012
World Latin Dance Cup Champions 2012 (Ladies Shines) 
Australian Salsa Classic - Amateur Salsa Champions 2011

Latin Dance Australia Awards

LDA Ball 2009 – Advance Salsa On1 Student Award
LDA Ball 2009 – Best Overall Student Award
LDA Ball 2009 – Best Salsa Shines student (nominee)
LDA Ball 209 –  Best Advance Salsa On2 Student (nominee)
LDA Ball 2008 – Best Intermediate Salsa On1 Student (nominee)