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Lidia Grigorian

LDA Director/Owner and Instructor

Dance Styles: Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata
Other: Yoga, Stretch

A master of playful interaction. Lidia Gregorian wins the heart of her audiences not only with her superb technical skill as a dancer or her creative choreographical approach on stage, but most of all her innate ability to bring to life the quintessential elements of Latin Dancing; fun, playful interaction with a hint of charisma and a whole lot of charm - in every aspect of her life.

With 10 years of Latin dancing experience, 6 International 1st place trophies that decorate the walls of the studio and a montage of influence that spreads across the many countries in which she has shared her passion by a way of teaching, performing and inspiring, her dancing career, which started no more than a casual hobby can only be described as “an adventure!”
“My dancing journey started as beginner student at LDA studio’s. I became addicted immediately to the music, the fun, the community and the promise of adventure that Latin Dancing injected into my regular everyday existence. I was completely hooked right from the start.

Many years on, my dreams came true when I became a director of that same studio that nurtured my beginnings taking me on a ride of a business minded entrepreneur to share my passion for Latin Dancing in a different way, through building a dance studio that is a community of fun loving people sharing in friendships and dancing adventures”  

Lidia’s inquisitive nature and love for health and wellbeing of the body and mind has stretched her passion into a new direction of ‘YOGA For Dancing Bodies’ after returning from an intensive Yoga teacher training program in India in 2012.  
“Yoga is traditionally a science of conditioning the body for greater performance of the mind, and I love that through this medium I can work with creating strength and flexibility in people’s bodies, educating on injury prevention for the more serious dancers and improving not just their dancing skills, but overall wellbeing”   

In an Industry where men take the lead, and the lady’s role is to follow, this young lady’s talent, skill, determination, hard work and passion has helped shape not only the Australian Latin Dance Industry, but influenced in many ways  that of the Asian pacific and across the world. 
Lidia McMahon has come to be known as “a mover and shaker in her own right, paving the way with a feminine force not to be ignored, but to be recognised and inspired by” Viva Magazine 2012.

The best quote that describes Lidia:

Someone who thinks that taking step backwards
after taking a step forward 
is not a disaster, it’s a Cha-Cha!