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Dance is a little insanity that does us all a lot of good”- Edward Demby



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Have you danced before or do you just feel like you have two left feet? No matter your dance ability or skill level, at Latin Dance Australia (LDA) our professional instructors have got all the right tools up their sleeves to get your feet moving and your hips grooving to make learning to Latin Dance one of the most fun filled experiences you will ever have. 

It’s almost impossible to list the many benefits that can be enjoyed by incorporating dance into your life – but one thing you can be sure of; there is an abundance of laugher, fun and great new friends that will join you on your dancing journey!

“I have always been a shy person. By coming to Latin Dance Australia and joining in to the many dance classes and community of fun loving people, I have found confidence that has helped me not just on the dance floor but also at work and in general with life” L.M

So here are the facts:

- Latin Dancing is for every- body. Young, old, or in between, tall, short or perhaps just round. If you can walk you can dance 
- You don’t have to come with a partner – LDA Studio’s this is the best place to meet new people.
- You don’t have to know your left foot from your right foot - no experience necessary.
- For more Frequently Asked Questions - Click here for our FAQ.

What else you might need to know to get you ready for dancing at Latin Dance Australia: 















:: Which style of Latin dance should you start with:
If you are looking to learn a partner dance, probably the Salsa Beginners course (7-8 weeks) is the most recommended for you.
From here you will get to experience the studio atmosphere, the instructors and become a part of our exciting Latin dance community. 
Salsa is still the most popular social dance style around Sydney/Australia so it's the best place to begin your dancing journey.
Alternatively, if you would like to experience the full latin dance world we recommend you to join one of our memberships and try all the beginners classes available.

How it works?

:: The Class Structure
Each Latin Dance class is a 7-8 week course. Each week you will build on to the week before and like building blocks you will soon stack up to be a confident latin dancer showing off your skill on the dance floor with rhythm and groove!
After a full 7 – 8 week course, if you feel you have mastered the dance techniques you may progress to the next level. (Example: Salsa has 7 levels)
Repeating a level is a common thing, so if you feel that you need some more practice don’t hesitate to do the new level and repeat the old level at the same time. The class times are scheduled with this in mind.
You may choose to take private lessons to help you master your dancing skills and techniques faster, with one of your instructors.
To become a Latin Dancer and enjoy the social clubs it is recommended that you learn all the Styles offered at LDA.  After all you don’t want to be sitting around at a club not being able to dance because a Zouk song comes on and all you have learnt is Salsa. Check out our timetable for all the class times.
Performance courses are the next step if you are looking to challenge yourself. LDA offers performance courses at least 3 times per year to all levels of Latin Dancers in all styles of Latin Dance. 

General Information

You can try your first week of free classes at Latin Dance Australia - Click here to claim you 7 Days Free Trial
Latin Dance Australia allows CASUAL VISITS for all fitness classes.  For the 7-8 latin dancing courses we can authorise casuals which are slightly more expensive them committing for the full course.
The prices can be found on the PRICES page of this website. 
Latin Dance Australia does not offer refunds to students missing 1-2 classes in the 8 week course. If more than 3 classes are missed in the 8 week course a credit can be issued.

What to bring

Wear comfortable clothing you don’t mind working up a sweat in 
Wear comfortable shoes (Ladies avoid high heels when starting)
Personal hygiene is very important and very much appreciated. Please bring deodorant, breath mints and spray a touch of perfume or cologne - These little thoughtful touches go a long way.
Bring yourself, your friends, and the desire to learn and have fun. You'll have a great time!

Tips to help you become better faster:

Practice makes perfect – take every opportunity to practice your dance steps. 
Great places to practice: 
- The Bus stop 
- In line at the shopping centre 
- In the office – while waiting for the photocopier 
Come along to the LDA Social Parties. (join our Facebook page to stay updated)
Take 2 or more classes per week. Training accelerates the learning process. 
Repeat the levels if you don’t feel you have mastered the skills. Experience is the difference between beginner and advanced.
Join the fitness classes to help you stay fit overall.

Check out our classes Timetable  

DVDs – learn from home

Want to try the first class before commit? Use our free class pass for a trial: